Egg Shape Synthetic Blush Brush


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Product Details

Brush name:Egg shape Synthetic blush brush

Material:Eco-friendly Wood handle

Aluminum ferrule

Top quality Synthetic fiber


Hair: 40mm (could be customized)

Ferrule:14.5mm*11.3mm*50mm(could be customized)

Handle: 9.5mm*105mm(could be customized)


Product features:

Our top quality synthetic fiber is extremely silky and soft that it can be used on very sensitive skin. We only select the highest quality raw material in our product. Our synthetic fiber is dermatologist tested, 100% cruelty free and vegan-friendly.


This egg shape brush is perfect for applying blush. It only picks up the right amount of blush powder and distribute it evenly over the face. Since the top is dense, this brush keeps the powder compact and the blush color can be applied easily. Customers can sweep blush along their cheekbones or pad the blush around cheekbones in a circular motion to create lovely mood.

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