Sable Imitation Angled Eyebrow Brush


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Product Details

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Hair   

    • Material : Synthetic Micro Crystal Fiber

    • Color: Sable Imitation

  • Ferrule

    • Material: Scratchless Aluminum

    • Color: Shiny Silver

  • Handle 

    • Material: Eco-friendly wood

    • Color: Matt Black

  • Package 

    • PP sleeve for each brush

  • Total Length: 155 mm

  • LOGO: Private Label, OEM possible

  • Certificate: SA8000, ISO9000, REACH, SGS

  • Feature: Sable Imitation, Micro Crystal Fiber

  • Advantage: 22-year experience, global first-line brand quality

This sable imitation micro crystal fiber performs between synthetic and animal hairs. It is stronger in grabbing powders and liquids than pure synthetic PBT since its fibers are deliberately damaged to mimic natural hair. The hair is very soft and it gives a denser color, which is great to imitate sable hair.

This flat shape is perfect to create a real straw-by-straw effect and to outline the edge of the eyebrows. The brush head is relatively hard and flat which is easy to control. 

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