Retractable Kabuki Powder Brush


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Retractable Kabuki Powder Brush

Material:Aluminum ferrule

Premium goat hair



Product features:

The name”kabuki”came from the name “Geisha” of Japan. This brush can be used as a powder brush or blush brush. The big top can catch more powder than any kind of brush.


The greatest feature is the richness of the hair, which allows the makeup to be applied quickly over a wide range or area and evenly reveals a thin translucent makeup. When applying makeup, it “crushes” the powder and spreads it over the skin, conforming to the outline of the face, and can be taken care of in every corner, thus creating the best uniform makeup effect without any trace of makeup.

Our goat hair are tender and soft. The wave shape and the special surface of the goat hair make it an excellent brush for picking up powders and therefore is great for shadowing. Goat hair could be selected from three top level materials (xiguangfeng, zhongguangfeng, baijianfeng). You can also choose your own shape, color and size.

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