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Synthetic Powder Kabuki

Material:Aluminum ferrule

Top quality Synthetic Fiber



Product features:

This kabuki brush is made with our top quality synthetic fiber which is softer than ever for the most luxury feel to date.

“Kabuki”is named from the Japanese word “geisha”for short and small powder or blush brushes that is convenient to carry. The big top can catch more powder than any kind of brush.The greatest feature is the richness of the hair, which allows the makeup to be applied quickly and over a wide range and evenly reveals a thin translucent makeup. When applying makeup, it “crushes” the powder and spreads it over the skin, conforming to the outline of the face, and can be taken care of in every corner, thus creating the best uniform makeup effect without any trace of makeup.

 It is suitable for people who often wear makeup and need to make up when going out. Selection of high-grade imported antimicrobial fibers, can effectively protect the skin from damage, tough and delicate treatment, will not make the skin tingling. The base is carefully processed and has a light touch.

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